Radar Development
Kit Details

The X4M03/X4M06 comprises three interconnecting circuit boards to form complete dev kits: the X4SIP02 radar subsystem (the X4 chip mounted on a daughter board), the X4A02/X4A04 antenna board, and the XTMCU02 MCU board - all the hardware that’s needed to prototype and debug a target application. 

And for high volume production there’s the X4M02 single board radar development kit  - 100% code and performance compatible with the X4M03, just a lower cost.

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XeThru Module Connector

XeThru Module Connector is the host software for communicating between the X4M03 / X4M06 development kits or other XeThru radar sensors.

Module Connector runs on Windows, Max, Linux and embedded hosts, and presents a complete API of the sensor module in MATLAB, Python and C++ programming environments. This makes it easy to start streaming and analysing radar data on multiple levels (raw radar, baseband, pulse Doppler , detection list, respiration and presence data) and developing new algorithms.

Add in some easy-to-use functions for radar data file storage and replay capabilities, and you have a complete system for benchmarking performance and algorithmic enhancements.

XeThru Embedded Platform (XEP)

XeThru Embedded Platform (XEP) is the embedded software running on the X4M03, X4M06 and X4M02 radar development kits to enable occupancy, respiration monitoring and other customs applications.

XEP is open source and comes as a ready-to-go Atmel Studio 7 project. It implements all core functionalities for easy hardware module implementation. A compiled version of XEP is also provided and runs out-of-the-box with the following functionalities:

  • Module Communication Protocol is the host communication layer including message parsing to make it easy to extend the API and tailor system behaviour.

  • X4Driver – The API layer providing developers with direct access to all XeThru X4 SoC functionalities. It enables tailoring of radar parameters and performance to match specific project needs and is accessed from host computer via XMC.

  • Well-defined access points for digital signal processing libraries to tap into X4’s radar data stream and boost system performance.

  • FreeRTOS for real time system behaviour monitoring and management.

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XEP Embedded Platform

X4M02 Radar Sensors

X4M300 Module Picture

X4M300 presence sensor

X4M300 is a complete presence sensor based on the single board X4M02 hardware. Its key functionalities include True Presence, presence and movement detection, baseband and pulse Doppler data signal processing. It can be integrated within a complete system or used as a part of the XeThru development platform.

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X4M200 Module Picture

X4M200 respiration sensor

X4M200 is a complete respiration sensor based on the X4M02 hardware. It detects respiration rate and body movement and handles baseband and pulse Doppler data signal processing. It can be integrated within a complete system or used as a part of the XeThru development platform.

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X4M02 Module Picture

X4M02 radar sensor

For use in high volume production once the firmware and debugging’s done, the X4M02 is a single board radar sensor.  It’s 100% code and performance compatible with the X4M03 dev kit, at a lower cost and without a debug port.

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X4M05 / X4M07 radar sensors

These are certified radar sensors for developers preferring to use their own choice of signal processing microcontroller. The X4M05 is FCC (USA), ISED (Canada) and/or CE (EU) certified, while the X4M07 is a KCC (Korea) certified. X4M05 / X4M07 consist of the X4SIP02 radar sub-system and the X4A02 / X4A04 antenna board, and have SPI interface for host communication.

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