Detect Human Presence

The X4M300 presence sensor detects human presence by detecting all major and minor movements in a room.  This might be a person walking into an office, or it might be the slightest hand movement of a person sat at a desk.

The sensor’s extreme sensitivity enables it to detect presence up to a distance of 9.4 meters with millimeter accuracy.  It is also able to measure the distance between the sensor and the occupant and is not susceptible to ‘blind spots’ within the detection zone.

The X4 radar chip’s signal processing parameters are configured by default to respond to presence within a 1.5 - 3.5 second time frame.  This short response time makes the sensor ideal for lighting control, where for reasons of safety, human presence needs immediate detection.

The X4M300 occupancy sensor does not depend on having an unobstructed view to the occupant and can easily see through light materials.  Detecting the presence of a sleeping person covered with a blanket is no challenge for the sensor – it’ll sense the movement of a breathing chest.

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Accurate and robust occupancy solution Accurate and robust occupancy solution Accurate and robust occupancy solution Accurate and robust occupancy solution Accurate and robust occupancy solution

An accurate and
robust occupancy solution

While the majority of existing occupancy sensor technologies fail to detect stationary occupants, and suffer from high rates of false tripping, the X4M300 presence sensor is sensitive enough to detect presence from the slightest human movement, even a breathing chest. 

XeThru X4 Occupancy Demonstration

The human presence sensor

“Building occupants will see the occupancy sensing system as a positive benefit rather than a nuisance.”

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XeThru Explorer

Bundled with the X4M300 presence sensor is software for radar data visualisation and recording and a Presence profile for monitoring and recording status, movement, direction and distance to nearest target. Also included are live radar baseban views. XeThru Explorer comes with an automatic upgrade of the X4M300 firmware, and support for both presence and respiration sensors.

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