Sleep Monitoring

The X4M200 sleep monitoring provides advanced respiration and movement tracking throughout the night. The sensor allows users to sleep comfortably without any connected devices and delivers the data needed to understand one’s sleep health and patterns regardless of sleeping position.

With an effective detection measurement range up to 5m, the sensor can be placed on a nightstand or in the ceiling above the bed, and can see through obstacles such as duvets and clothes. Multiple sensors can also operate in the same space allowing people to use their individual sensor simultaneously and in the same room as others.

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Respiration Monitoring

The X4M200 respiration monitoring detects body movement, presence, distance, respiration frequency, and provides breathing pattern tracking with mm. accuracy - all with the same sensor.

The respiration module is convenient and comfortable to use as it is non-invasive and doesn’t need to be worn - a perfect choice for any assisted living application. It is able to sense through clothing with an effective sensing range up to 5m, and delivers sound respiration data of a person at rest.

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Breathing Pattern

Sleep monitoring meets PSG standard

The gold standard in today’s sleep monitoring industry is the Polysomnography sleep study (PSG), a multi-parametric test used in the study of sleep and as a diagnostic tool in sleep medicine. It monitors many body functions including brain waves (EEG), eye movements, body movement through muscle activity or skeletal muscle activation, heart rhytm (ECG) and breathing pattern during sleep.

After conducting many live tests, the XeThru sensor provided virtually identical RPM readings, improved movement readings, and improved sleep stage identification, compared to the PSG study. These significant findings prove that the XeThru sensor delivers advanced hospital-grade data and meets PSG standards.

XeThru PSG Study

Delivers Hospital-Grade Data

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“Sleep is considered scientifically important to all-round physical and mental health.”

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XeThru Explorer

The XeThru Explorer, bundled with the new respiration module is now offered with a set of new features and upgrades. The software for sensor data visualization and data recording now comes with an integrated sleep profile where users can specifically select the profile to monitor and record respiration and movement data during sleep. The XeThru Explorer also comes with an automatic upgrade of the X4M200 firmware, as well as a new baseband view which renders a simplified visual representation of the RAW data.

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Respiration Videos

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