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Frequently asked questions from XeThru users around the world.

  • How can I get my hands on a XeThru respiration module?

  • I want to make a product using this module, do I need to get FCC approval on the sensor?

  • What about its power consumption?

  • Is the XeThru sensor safe to use?

  • Is the XeThru respiration module considered a medical sensor?

  • Can the XeThru sensor measure the respiration rate of a child?

  • Can two people in the same room use their own XeThru respiration sensor simultaneously?

  • Will the sensor detect respiration rate if the person is constantly moving?

  • Can the sensor still detect respiration if one is sleeping on his/her stomach?

  • Can the sensor detect respiration rate through clothes and bedding?

  • Does the sensor need to be worn or mounted on the bed for it to detect and monitor respiration?

  • Can the sensor measure more than a person’s respiration rate?