The XeThru edge

Novelda’s standalone presence module can instantly detect presence within its maximum range. The module can be used indoors at distances up to 5 meters although detection distance is programmable so you can create a presence detector that only alerts you about presence within a defined range. 

The sensor is very accurate and with its unique high sensitivity feature, detection can be triggered just by a person’s breathing. Hidden tamper proof sensors are possible as the module can sense through light building materials and obstructions such as furniture. 

Our presence detection module is fully self-contained, uses low power and is easy to integrate and configure.

The next wave of applications

With its XeThru technology, Novelda aims to provide the means for the ultimate home automation experience with convenience at its core.

Xethru Application Firgure

Our presence module can be easily implemented in home and building automation products, as well as in senior home health care, bringing increased convenience, comfort and safety.

Check out these videos to learn more about our presence detection technology

Other XeThru Modules and Kits



The XeThru respiration module offers non-contact respiration monitoring that can detect body movement, presence, distance, respiration frequency and provide breathing pattern tracking

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The Inspiration Kit contains both respiration monitoring and presence detection features, and all the necessary equipment to perform an easy evaluation

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