Presence Detection

Care and security in your everyday life

Smart home automation is no longer a novelty; it’s becoming mainstream and easily available to everyone who wants to stay more connected to their homes. Now the home improvement trend of the year, the total market for Global smart homes is forecasted to be worth more than $50 billion by 2020. Numerous technologies exist in this market all promising to revolutionize the way we live in our homes. Novelda’ advanced sensor technology will help enable this by providing a higher level of quality and sensing capabilities to the systems that can automate your home. 

Our XeThru sensor technology can transform the way people live their lives and care for their families. It detects the movements of every person within the home, enabling an automated environment that thinks one step ahead of you. The sensors will instantly detect presence within a given distance, and control items around your house from lighting, to entertainment systems, to climate control. Its flexibility allows it to be built into products, installed behind paintings or even inside the wall. Homes can be even more automated thanks to our technology, providing an increased sense of comfort and convenience in your everyday life. 

Our presence sensors can also be used in elderly care situations where the reassurance of knowing older family members are safe means everything. With XeThru, we have removed the intrusiveness and security concerns associated with using cameras. The same functionality comes instead from radio waves and clever processing that sees humans as moving objects rather than trying to recreate their physical appearance. So from the comfort of your home, you can still provide care to your independent elderly loved ones who are living miles away from you. This is achieved by confirming their presence in the house and notifying you of any deviation from their normal pattern of daily activity. All without the feeling of being watched. 

Our technology also elevates family security to a higher level, so if an incident arises, emergency services such as police, fire or ambulance can receive critical information, such as the number of people in the house and their exact location, ensuring the best rescue efforts from first responders.

Our sensor technology can be easily implemented in many applications and scenarios, where everyday convenience, comfort and safety need to be enhanced. Our Inspiration Kit is the best way to start testing your smart home ideas using our technology.