Flat Earth specializes in end-user applications using Novelda’s XeThru technology. Flat Earth develops applications for environmental monitoring, proximity sensing, medical applications, navigation and transportation, search and rescue, and other novel applications utilizing radar, GPS and information systems.

Flat Earth is the official North American distributor and value added reseller of Novelda XeThru products. Novelda is a world leading design manufacturer of a complete CMOS impulse radar system on a chip (SOC). Contact us for more information on Novelda products or visit Novelda at www.XeThru.com.

Products & Services

Ancho Radar Module

The Salsa Ancho radar module is a BeagleBone Black compatible cape based on the XeThru X2 (4.5 to 9.5 GHz) radar technology. The Ancho module is suitable for ranging, tracking, sensing and positioning applications. Ancho applications include building automation, health care, industrial machine control and proximity sensing. Radar applications can be written for the Ancho using the Salsa software suite that comes with each kit.

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