Mobile Snow Depth Sensor Utilizes Novelda's Nanoscale Impulse Radar

Oslo, Norway June 5th 2011

State-of-the-Art Novelda NVA6000 Impulse Radar transceiver Finds Widespread Appeal and Application

Flat Earth Incorporated announced today they have developed the first mobile snow depth sensor based on the Novelda AS NVA6000 CMOS impulse radar chip. The SDS-715 provides a non-contact approach for determining snow depth on the go. Measurement range is 0.15 to 2.0 meters with an accuracy of approximately 3.5 cm, snow condition dependent.

This rugged low cost snow depth measurement system is designed for snow grooming operations at Alpine and Nordic ski resorts. Snow depth beneath the snowcat is measured every second, approximately every 3 meters at 8 kmph. The SDS-715 is cheaper than current ground penetrating radar systems on the market today. When used with Flat Earth’s CatWorks Snowcat navigation and information system, depth maps of the resort trails can be created and viewed in Google Earth.

“The Novelda NVA6000 Impulse Radar transceiver is a cutting-edge radar transceiver that incorporates extremely high frame rate and accuracy, in addition to unique penetration capabilities,” remarks Flat Earth CEO Doug Roberts “Integrated on a single chip, this radar transceiver transmits pulses of high bandwidth.”

In comparison to traditional technology, the Novelda NVA6000 Impulse Radar transceiver offers several improvements and value added features. It effectively uses even extremely short microwave pulses, which makes it ideal for high resolution ranging.  


Flat Earth is a privately held company, based in Bozeman, Montana, USA and specializes in end user applications using Novelda's nanoscale wireless low-power technology for ultra-high resolution impulse radar. Flat Earth has been researching and designing nanoscale radar based applications since 2008. Flat Earth's mission is to develop applications based on nanoscale radar for environmental monitoring, proximity sensing, navigation and transportation, search and rescue, and other novel applications utilizing radar, GPS and information systems.
Flat Earth was founded in 2004 specializing in sensors; GPS based navigation and information system applications.

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Founded in 2004 and based in Norway, Novelda is a fabless semiconductor company developing CMOS single-chip impulse radar IC’s. As an offshoot of the highly acclaimed University of Oslo, the company boasts of extremely strong research and development (R&D) and technological skills, and continues to leverage R&D partnerships formed with the University.

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Press Release Contact: Aage Kalsæg, CMO, Novelda AS, aage(at)