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Discussion in 'XeThru Explorer' started by Oshana Dissanayake, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Oshana Dissanayake

    Oshana Dissanayake New Member

    FW Version 1.6.8
    SW Version 2.7.3
    I have connected Xethru X4M200 Respiration circuit to monitor the breathing patterns. But my Pulse-Doppler graph does not show any out put. Just few small white dots at the corner of the graph. Can I get a result as shown in the videos of the company where it is used to distinguished breathing patterns from patters of moving objects such as fans? How can I get a graph like such? Thanks in advance

  2. Allen Wu

    Allen Wu Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Oshana,

    I try to reproduce your situation. There is one situation which will make pulse doppler graph does not show data. In XeThru Explorer, after selecting the XeThru X4M200. There is a menu showing 4 profile: the left two is Feature Optimized, the right two is Memory Optimized. If selected the right side, Memory Optimized, the pluse doppler graph will have no data to show.

    If selected the left side, pulse doppler will show data. In the same menu, lower part, it will show current and latest firmware. It is good to update to latest firmware.

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