X4 [XEP_X4_plot_frame.m] How to change x-axis from fast-time to slow-time?

Discussion in 'X2 & X4 SoC' started by Minjeong Jeong, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Minjeong Jeong

    Minjeong Jeong New Member

    Hello, sir/madam. I have a question while looking into XEP_X4_plot_frame.m (Matlab sample code).

    binLength = (frameStop-frameStart)/(numBins-1);
    rangeVec = (0:numBins-1)*binLength + frameStart;
    ph.XData = rangeVec;

    Upper is the code of setting x-axis information. It seems that X-axis is set to be fast-time(distance). How can I change it to slow-time?
  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    What do you mean slow-time?