X4M200 serial protocol

Discussion in 'Respiration Sensor' started by Thomas Lo, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Thomas Lo

    Thomas Lo New Member

    I want to read the state through the serial interface (USB or UART) on X4M200.
    But I only saw the serial protocol for X2M200.
    Is there have serial protocol for X4M200?
  2. Thomas Lo

    Thomas Lo New Member

    OK, I get it.
    Thank you.
  3. Thomas Lo

    Thomas Lo New Member

    Sorry, I still have problems.
    I saw the protocol code in X4M200_sleep_record.py is 0x47fabeba to load x4m200 respiration detection profile,
    but I didn't see this code in doc/output/html/mcp.xhtml.
    I want to load Respiration profile (RESP) to X4M200, the code is 0x1423a2d6.
    It's the same as Respiration2.
    What's different between the Respiration profile and Respiration2 profile?
  4. Thomas Lo

    Thomas Lo New Member

    My question is how should I get respiration profile data like this (<Start> + <XTS_SPR_APPDATA> + [XTS_ID_RESP_STATUS(i)] + [Counter(i)] + [StateCode(i)] + [StateData(i)] + [Distance(f)] + [Movement(f)] + [SignalQuality(i)] + <CRC> + <End>).
    I saw XTS_ID_APP_RESPIRATION_2 and XTS_ID_APP_RESPIRATION_3 in xtid.h, but I didn't see its STATUS code.
    I can't really know what format of data will return.
    I want to get ObjectMovement field data and use UART to connect X4M200 and another micro controller.
  5. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Thomas,
    Sorry for confusing, the MCP document is a little out of date.
    XTS_ID_APP_RESP is one profile of X2M200, X4M200 only has two profiles now:
    XTS_ID_APP_RESPIRATION_2 for Adult respiration.
    XTS_ID_APP_RESPIRATION_3 for Baby respiration.

    Both of the profiles support output:

    They are choosed by using command like:
    mcpw_set_output_control(mcpw, XTS_ID_RESP_STATUS, XTID_OUTPUT_CONTROL_ENABLE)
    in mcpw->example->atmel_samg55->task_xethru.c->mcpw_demo_x4m200().
  6. Arturs Ivanovs

    Arturs Ivanovs New Member

    Hello, another question - does X4M200 support any other load profiles except respiration?

    For example, I would like to get PRESENCE data (i.e. doppler map). Is it possible with X4M200?

  7. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    No, X4M200 is a Respiration sensor, it does not support Presence profile.
    Please check the MCP application note for profiles supported by different sensors.
    MCP app note: