X4M200 is detected as Bossa Program Port

Discussion in 'Respiration Sensor' started by Sungjin Kang, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Sungjin Kang

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    I'm trying to connect X4M200 to my PC with Windows 7 or Windows 10. After the installation of driver-atmel-bundle-7.0.888.exe, X4M200 is detected as LEGO MINDSTORMS. So, I updated the driver on-line. After this, X4M200 is detected as Bossa Program Port. Xethru Explorer recognized the X4M200 but failed to initialize. I attached snap shots of Windows device manager. Any help to resolve this?

    I tested X2M200 on same PC but it works well.


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  2. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Sungjin,
    The sensor should be recognized as Bossa Program Port. Your description sounds more like a firmware problem, could you try this on an older version XeThru Explorer, try to downgrade the firmware and reupdate again with the latest XeThru Explorer, hope this can solve your problem.
  3. Sungjin Kang

    Sungjin Kang New Member

    Hi Shao.

    Thank you for your suggestions. I exchanged the X4M200 sensor with new one from a seller in Korea. It works well.

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