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    From what I have gathered the X4M200 takes 25 (20 for Baby) second to detect breathing patterns. Is there a way to shorten the detection time? Or that is art of the sensor algorithm in detecting them and there is no way for users to change them.

    Also, may I know what does the rest of the profile ID do? I only recognize ID_APP_RESPIRATION_2,ID_APP_RESPIRATION_3, ID_APP_RESPIRATION_4, ID_APP_RESPIRATION_5

    // Profile IDs
    #define XTS_ID_APP_UNKNOWN 0x0
    #define XTS_ID_APP_PRESENCE 0x00288912
    #define XTS_ID_APP_RESP 0x1423a2d6
    #define XTS_ID_APP_SLEEP 0x00f17b17
    #define XTS_ID_APP_RESPIRATION_2 0x064e57ad
    #define XTS_ID_APP_RESPIRATION_3 0x47fabeba
    #define XTS_ID_APP_RESPIRATION_4 0x4ac5d074
    #define XTS_ID_APP_RESPIRATION_5 0xa9e03260
    #define XTS_ID_APP_HEARTRATE 0x6b5c1609
    #define XTS_ID_APP_DECIM 0x9bb3a2c6
    #define XTS_ID_APP_PRESENCE_2 0x014d4ab8
    #define XTS_ID_APP_PRESENCE_3 0x114d4ab8
    #define XTS_ID_APP_PRESENCE_3_DEBUG 0x114d4ab9
    #define XTS_ID_APP_HIGHBAY_1 0xd0f2862d
    #define XTS_ID_APP_HIGHBAY_1_DEBUG 0xd0f2862e
    #define XTS_ID_APP_RADAR 0x57dabf09
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    The shortest RPM detection time is decided by the slow-time window in the algorithm, and it is 20s for adult and 15s for baby. Breathing pattern is also decided by signal quality, which means you need to sit closer to the sensor and sitting or laying down still to get stable Breathing Pattern output. The slow-time window has been tuned to get the best performance, so it cannot be modified by users.

    You can refer to X4M200 datasheet for the profiles explanation.
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