X4M03, X4M200 and heart rate extraction

Discussion in 'Respiration Sensor' started by ldanna, Sep 4, 2018.

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    Hi, I'm trying to decide which sensor I should buy for my project, which would involve extracting heart rate from the respiration signal (e.g. see this MIT Vital-Radio paper witrack.csail.mit.edu/vitalradio/content/vitalradio-paper.pdf). What I would like to know is if you think the respiration signal from the X4M200 is precise enough to extract the heart rate from it (as in the paper mentioned above, see attached screenshot) or if i would need to have access to the raw data. Further, if I do indeed need access to the raw data, is the X4M03 better suited for that task?
    Also, by buying the X4M03 development kit (https://www.xethru.com/shop/x4m03-development-kit.html), am I ready to go or do I need to buy additional sensors/pieces to get working?
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  2. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Leoluca,

    The X4M200 respiration message does not contain heart rate information, and it is just RPM output, but X4M200 or all XeThru modules support radar raw data output. If you do not intend to develop embedded DSP development, you do not need to buy X4M03. You can use X4M200 to get raw data and do DSP development on your computer.
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    Thank you very much for the answer! It was very helpful.
    As a follow-up: I read someplace else on the forum that you are planning a heart rate detection sensor in the future; is there any vague estimate on when it might become available (this year, next year, in ten years)? I would be very interested in it.
    Thank you for your help,
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