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    Posting this so someone else doesnt make same mistake I may have made.

    I have been seeking the easy access to demo output of respiration/presence/distance as shown in xethru demo videos for X4M200 etc - but also want the flexibility to dive into the raw data and protoyping third party algorithms with associates and partners.

    I ordered the X4M03 kit based on what I could gather online, while waiting to hear from customer support (may have been a holiday week) - seems ONLY option in XeThru Explorer is XEP raw output visualization - in other words - no respiration or distance visualizations - i thought their IP protected processing may be embedded in EXPLORER as it seemed in video - but I think it is only onchip of x4m200 - which I believe also allows access to raw data for processing on host. Only m303 kit is needed for true, raw on chip development. There is no raw data in M303 kit that isnt available for processing on host side of m200 kit. Can anyone confirm or clarify these statements to be 100% accurate. Much thanks.
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    Yes, Ryan,

    Thanks for your reminder, this page can give you a general view of XeThru products and resources.

    Just to make some points clear:
    1. XeThru Explorer is GUI used for sensor data visualization. It does not contain any DSP algorithm.
    2. X4M03 runs open-source XEP without DSP for applications, developers can add their custom DSP algorithm.
    3. X4M200 runs XEP including respiration detection DSP algorithm from Novelda.
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    OK, good to know. I am waiting on a response from sales to get RMA to return X4M03 while buying X4M200 kit.