X4M03 and matlab code implemented via Atmel Studio 7

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  1. Hi,
    Novelda team has made a tremendous amount of development softwares (API, firmwares, module connectors, etc...), but there is a missiing link : What is the bridge between Atmel Studio 7 (to program the MCU of the sensor) and Matlab code for developpers using X4M03 with embedded XEP or a custom firmware for X4M300/X4M200 ? Any example ?
    Modules connectors are able to make the bridge with the modules for matlab/python, but there is no example tool for writting to the module MCU a matlab code via Atmel Studio 7 and Atmel ICE / Atmel Xplained board without using module connector.

  2. Charlie Shao

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    Do you specifically mean implementing Matlab DSP algorithm code on MCU?
    Matlab code cannot be used on MCU, you have to rewrite your DSP algorithm by C or C++ in order to run it on MCU.
  3. Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for reply.
    1 - Yes, implementing DSP algorithm code on MCU for example
    2 - Or if the radar algorithm is validated on PC using mathlab software, is it possible to translate it in C/C++ using a dedicated matlab C/C++ conversion tool or any software to speed up the development ?
  4. Charlie Shao

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    For your second question, normally we verify algorithm on PC using Matlab and reimplement the algorithm concept in C/C++, then compare their results. The Matlab script is easy to use and C/C++ can give better speed, but their results should be the same. There might be some conversion tools, but it is better to write it for quality or reliability reasons.
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  5. Hi Charlie,
    Very clear ! Many thanks.