X4M03 -10dB Frequency Responce

Discussion in 'X4M03' started by William Wallace, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. William Wallace

    William Wallace New Member

    Do you have a plot (and table thereof) of the frequency response including the gain of the integrated antenna for the Tx and Rx paths? Also, do you have a plot (and table) of the isolation versus frequency for the X4M03 when radiating into free space?
  2. Mats Risopatron Knutsen

    Mats Risopatron Knutsen New Member Staff Member

    Hi Wiliam,

    We're using the same antenna on both Rx and Tx path, the antenna gain for center frequency is stated in the X4A02 datasheet and the gain of the Rx path on chip will be stated in the X4 datasheet. On the Tx side our emissions are limited by regulatory spectrum mask (FCC/ETSI/KCC/ARIB). Isolation over frequency is not information we're sharing at the moment.

    Mats Knutsen
  3. cajoseph

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    Even if you won't share the isolation vs frequency plot, can you please state the minimum isolation?