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  1. Raul

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    Quick question. If we are looking into develop our own firmware; just want to make sure I am clear of what the SoC will give me which is Baseband Data only right?. No filters or anything else. Just the raw data from radar?

  2. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Raul,
    You will only get radar raw data with the development kit X4M03 running original XEP firmware. The radar raw data can either be RF data or baseband data. You need to add your custom DSP for your application to open-source XEP.
  3. Raul

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    Thanks for the info Charlie
  4. Raul

    Raul New Member

    Does Novelda has a Altium library of the X4 SoC??
  5. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Raul, We do not have this library on the resource page. Please refer to X4 datasheet section 2.1 to draw your own.
  6. Michele Bavaro

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    1. Can I buy X4s chips anywhere?
    2. Is there a more detailed description of the antenna lines? I see it's differential, but without knowing its impedance it's hard to pick the balun to connect a single ended one.
    3. The single ended XI input is not specified in the datasheet. Should I pick a CMOS oscillator or a clipped sinewave?
  7. Raul

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    Hi Michael,
    If you look at the X4 Datasheet you will see that the differential impedance is 100ohms. I believe novelda indicates that a single ended antenna will not work
  8. Michele Bavaro

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    Hey Raul

    Oh yes, it was mentioned at chapter 1.4 and 1.5 sorry I missed that.
    Could you elaborate on "a single ended antenna will not work"?
    Anyone at Novelda on 1. and 3. ?

  9. Raul

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  10. Michele Bavaro

    Michele Bavaro New Member

    It seems that the biggest challenge in designing multiple X4s into a multi-antenna configuration is indeed choosing the right differential UWB antenna. Seems like decawave describes in attachment the arrangement I was thinking of, but that chip isn't necessarily intended for radar. The X4A02 uses a highly directional design.. tricky to replicate in a <lambda/2 space.

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  11. Olav Liseth

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    Hi Michele!

    1. X4 chips: please contact sales@novelda.no
    3. XI input in XOSC bypass mode should be a 27 MHz low noise square wave with X4 IO voltage levels. Our reference designs use a crystal reference.

    The differential TRX has benefits for noise rejection. This balun https://www.minicircuits.com/pdfs/NCR2-123+.pdf seems to perform OK, but we have not done full characterization of performance.

    (Edit: actually answering #3)
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  12. Michele Bavaro

    Michele Bavaro New Member

    Hello Olav,
    Great, thanks for confirming the CMOS driver on XI and the balun possibility.. first I'll see if a single ended patch antenna can be designed with a low enough Q for this application, and only try a fancier balanced design if not.
    Will also get in touch with sales.
    All the best,
  13. samira saeedi

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    Dear Olav
    I want to use X4SIP02 for a bi static application. Actually, I have two antenna in either side of a target. What should I do? Because X4SIP02 is practical for Quasi-mono-static application?