X4 Radar IC Power

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    Hi, everyone.

    how to calculate X4 Transmitter Power ?

    In Korea. UWB Output Power is -41.3 dBm/MHz.

    X4 Datasheet_revE version,

    Peak pulse Output power (ETSI) show ( -0.7 ~ 6.3 dBm)
    if ETSI power is similar KCC Power

    how to meet the specification (-41.3 dBm/MHz) (Assume : Antenna Gain 6 dBi / Transceiver Power : - 10dBm )

    -10 dbm + 6 dBi + ( RF path Loss ) = -41.3 dBm ??

    if the equation is true, RF path loss = -38 dBm.... it is so big
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    Please refer to documentation for our FCC/CE/IC certified modules X4M05, X4M200 or X4M300, chapter
    Regulatory Approval, here from the X4M200 datasheet:

    Korean regulatory approval (KCC) is pending and documentation will be updated when ready. Official measurements are needed before giving firm recommendations, but here is a hint: Compare the bandwidth and energy per pulse for lower and upper (ETSI and KCC) TX setting in the X4 datasheet. Compared to the FCC/CE/IC approval, tx_power set to high seems like a plausible setting for the upper pulse generator.

    The limit of -41.3 dBm/MHz refers to the average output power.