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  1. Michal Reznicek

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    I have some questions about X2M200 MODULE.

    1) When is possible change change firmware and debugging it using JTAG and what I need for it.
    2) When is exist some document which is describe USB comunication protocol between X2M200 MODULE and PC for processign IQ data (PC is directly connected with X2M200 MODULE using USB)
    3) I don't know how is possible measuring distance with mm resolution when is BW = 2,4GHz because distance resolution will be c/(2*BW) = something as 63cm? In datasheet is information that distance resolution is 4 cm in data frame. how is possible it?
    4) when is possible give IQ samples without processing on X2M200 MODULE? I was found in datasheet that the Baseband data are organized to radar frame and send out. Is it this data crude?
    5) If is not possible change firmware for X2M200 MODULE using ATMEL studio and some JTAG programmer, which product is allow it?

    Thank you.

  2. Josh Gardiner

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    Michal, (I'm not xethru, just a developer)
    1. Although it would seem it is perfectly possible to change the firmware on the MCU via USB on the x2m200 as the xethru explorer does this to upgrade units, no source code or instruction are given to modify the firmware by any method and is it not supported by xethru.

    2. Serial protocol for the X2m200 is specified in this document. It details how to enable the IQ baseband data stream, but how you process it is up to you. but there are some example in the resources section of the site on how you might go about processing the the baseband data, mostly simple distance tracking examples.

    3. ? I'm not qualified to answer.

    4. Not Supported, the the baseband streams from the X2m200 are down sampled to 20 samples a second with 4cm frames.

    5. Look into the ancho development platform if you need the full access to the X2.
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  3. Michal Reznicek

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    Hello Josh,

    thank you very much for your answer.

    I read that the X2M1000 is support JTAG communication. Is possible with AVR studio and developing own firmware for own applications (directly for arm at Xethru board?)?

    Thank you very much.
  4. Josh Gardiner

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    I don't know.
    You can update the firmware on X2M1000 with the binary xethru provide through JTAG, but you might be on your own if you want to develop your own firmware. It would be a nice see Xethru release the firmware. Maybe if you ask nicely and sign a few NDA's?

    It is worthwhile to mention that you can also do a lot with the down sampled baseband from the x2m200 with the interfaces provided as long as what ever you have in mind is not changing too fast.
  5. Michal Reznicek

    Michal Reznicek New Member

    Yes I agree that is possible do a lot with IQ downsampled data. Problem is when your target is not slowly moving person. When is target something what is moving fast I think thah isn't possible tracking it when is data downsample.Will be better take data directly from X2 and made own firmware with moving target indication and detection using CFAR and made some easy tracker.

    What is NDA's?
  6. Josh Gardiner

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  7. Olav Liseth

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    I reckon you refer to range resolution, see e.g.: http://www.radartutorial.eu/01.basics/Range Resolution.en.html. The ability to differ to objects are in most cases given by the pulse bandwidth.

    Measuring the distance to an object is mostly given by the SNR. Imaging (over)sampling a sine, phase shift that sine and sample it again. The phase shift is evident even though it is smaller than the sampling period.
    You should set up a test, changing the object distance by 1 mm.

    X2M200 is closed source.