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  1. R.Adam

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    Hi Xethru members/staff!

    I suppose the firmware program isn't public, but if it's, I would like to examine it to create an own. It would be a great help and resource on this topic.

    But if it's not public, can you share the binary/hex edition like you did with X4M300?
    I my ask too much, but I would be really glad if you could upgrade the firmware with a function that can change the PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency) up to 30MHz (FCC approved max) from 12MHz.
    It would be use full to all X2 owner I think.

    I previously made some diagram with matlab:
    This is the base sign:
    You can see where I breath (big amplitudes), and faster frequency represent my pulse.
    Filtering out the pulse (0.7Hz - 2Hz):
    Which is great to measure pulse, but if I could make samples by 50Hz instead of 20Hz, I could make a similar wave like the red one below, which would be much more appropriate:

    And of course there are many more things to do with higher sampling rate.
    I hope you are considering to add this option (to change the PRF up to 30MHz).

    Really appreciating all your effort: Adam
  2. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Adam,

    The X2M200 Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) and output level are adjusted to be within FCC maximum levels. X2 allows Frames Per Second (FPS) to be adjusted to 50 Hz, but the X2M200 only supports 20 Hz.

    I would recommend to get one of the X4 modules which will give you full flexibility, looking forward to see more results!
  3. R.Adam

    R.Adam New Member

    Hi Olav!

    Maybe I wasn't so obvious, but I know, that the current firmware on the X2M200 support only 20Hz, but It's only because the firmware is written that way. Or am I wrong?
    The hardware part of the senzor support up to 50Hz, so if the firmware would be upgraded with a function which can set the PRF up to 30MHz than the X2M200 could support 50 FPS.

    I already talk with Marius Lind Volstad, one of your college, who tell me this:

    "I don't know of any ways to change the PRF when running the X2M200 firmware, but it is possible to do this when implementing a custom firmware."

    The above is from a thread called: Real-time access with Python X2M200 (5th comment)

    And what my point is, that if it is possible from a custom firmware, than it could be done with your help in upgrading the firmware with this useful function.

    Or if it would be a problem I would gladly do it with modifing the firmware, but I didn't have the source code to the firmware, so I can't modify it.

    The 3th option would be to write a custom firmware by me, but besides it's much much more time than the least 2 option, there is either not any guide just the 3 public datasheet what Marius already showed me and it's even risky, because if I remove the current firmware I cant recover it. I could recover it if the hexa version would be public like in case of X4M300.

    So I am asking if you could upgrade the firmware with that function, or share?

    Thanks: Adam

    I dont understand, what flexibility can the X4 solve, because, what am I interested now is the PRF, and not the range. I read in the X4M200data sheet:

    "Mean output power of X4M200 depends on the Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) and tx_power settings in the X4 radar chip. PRF is set to 15.875 MHz and tx_power is set to Medium (2) in X4M200. Both the PRF and tx_power can be changed by the microcontroller but cannot be changed to comply with FCC regulations"

    And thus the PRF of X4M200 and X4m300 are too only 17. Which can't be change and less than the X2M200 which is 20 and can be changed up to 50.
    Please correct me if I misunderstand anything.
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  4. R.Adam

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    Hi Xethru members/staff!

    My last post was a little long and maybe not so clear, so I would like to write down the main point of it:

    Is it possible to do at least one of these things or not :

    1. Upgrade the firmware with a function which can modify the Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)

    2. Make the firmaware public for developers who would like to improve/modify it.

    3. Make the binary or hex code of the firmware public to anyone who would like to experiment with self written firmware.


    Looking forward to the answer if any of the above is possible to solve.

    Thank you for all your work: Adam
  5. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Adam,

    Unfortunately, the answer is no, the X2M200 FW will not be updated with new features or made openly available. You have to use the current supported functionality through the communication interface/Module Connector.

    XEP supports all your needs for the X4M03 module, you should consider changing your platform to get improved radar performance and a radar development platform.

  6. R.Adam

    R.Adam New Member

    I am sorry that there will be no updates, but thanks for the fast response Olav!