X2M200 Distance Tracker using Atmel Xplained board

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    Looks great, but I can't download the application.
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    You're absolutely right! A permission setup error disabled any downloads in that category. Fixed and should work now. Thanks for letting us know!!
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    I'm looking at the example code now. I see that to enable the raw data (Baseband Amplitude/Phase output), you send different bytes than explained in the datasheet:

    From the code example (protocol.c line 453):
    packet_start(callback, user_data);
    process_byte(XTS_SPC_DIR_COMMAND, callback, user_data);
    process_byte(XTS_SDC_APP_SETINT, callback, user_data);
    process_int(reference, callback, user_data);
    process_int(data_length, callback, user_data);
    process_ints(data, data_length, callback, user_data);
    packet_end(callback, user_data);

    While in the serial protocol, it says the following are the bytes for enabling raw data:


    As you can see, there are differences between example code and the documentation. I'm assuming the documentation is wrong?

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    That's correct the documentation is completely wrong.
    // 0x7D + 0x90 + 0x71 + 0x10 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x01 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x02 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + CRC + 0x7E (crc=0x8f) = Enable Amp/Phase packet

    The code in the example will work.
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