X2 Main Processor other than ARM Cortex M4

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  1. Aaron Lee

    Aaron Lee New Member


    Can you provide more information on the following?
    1) What is the minimum requirement for the main processor?
    2) Is source code provided so that we will be able to port the library on another MCU?

    PS. We would like to use X2 for our SmartHome family care related product. We are HW/System manufacturer so we usually make our own product including housing, HW, and FW. Therefore I would like to understand if we can use X2 and not your module for our product development, if so what kind of resources will we get from HW design to FW that is required for X2. Many thanks
  2. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Aaron,

    1. This really depends on the application. We chose the Cortex M4, which is more than enough for our current applications.
    2. Application source code is not provided, but check out Chips+Salsa:

    We released the Chips+Salsa development kits from Flat Earth today. Check out
    https://xethru.com/chips-salsa-uwb-radar-development-kit.html. This is a great prototyping platform, providing the SW, HW and documentation needed to create prototypes. We will support further HW/SW customization and development.

    We welcome custom development.