X2 Chip relation to Inspiration module

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  1. Lesya

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    Do your Inspiration modules contain this X2 Chip? Would it be possible using the information in X2 Chip datasheet to make changes in your firmware.
  2. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Dear Lesya,

    Yes, the X2 chip is the heart and the soul of the respiration kit. We will give more access to radar data in the future and will soon release a development kit.

    Stay tuned!

  3. Lesya

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    Dear Olav,
    What the approximate release date for the new development kit you wrote about? Will it differ from the one available for buying now in microwave layout (hardware part) or only in software?
  4. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member


    Our partner Flat Earth has the development kit available already, see http://flatearthinc.com/products/flat-earth-ancho/.

    The kit is provided with Flat Earth's HW design and is a great development and prototype platform, they even include a radar signal processing library.


  5. we want to conduct a research on wireless vital signs monitoring based on UWB technology (including Heart signal and Respiration monitoring) and we choose NVA-R641 developments kits for our researches.

    Also, we want implement new signal processing algorithms for extracting our desired signal for Hospital wireless health monitoring, home patient monitoring and for emergency and using in ambulance (out of clinic application).

    We prefer X2 because it's your current product and you support it. However, we have concern the X2 is worked between 6.5-8, and with lower performance around 5.3 GHz center frequency with 1.8 GHz bandwidth.
    These frequencies are so high for both heart and respiration monitoring. Because, for heart signal detection high path loss are really higher than lower frequency e.g. between 1-3 GHz. X1 it seems that better chip than X2 for UWB applications (because lower center frequency two output selection).

    What do you recommend US, we start with NVA-R641 then we buy X1 chips for next phase of our project?

    or we use development kits based on X2 and then buying X2 chips, if our research phase finished successfully?

    Thank you

  6. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Dear Mahdi,

    This really depends on your application. The X2 and the XeThru modules are good choices if you want to monitor respiration. We have done comparison tests with hospital gold standards with good results, see https://xethru.com/tv/detail/xethru-psg-study/. More updates will follow soon.

    Proof of concept hear rate measurements with the X2 chips have been done and here is even a video:

    Both applications relies on small movements on the body and chest caused by breathing or the contraction of the heart muscle. These tiny movements can be measured by X2.

    You are probably referring to the path loss in human tissue. So the question is, do you need to measure the organ movements itself or can you measure the movements on the chest?