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  1. Dustin McIntire

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    I'm investigating the X2 for an outdoor security application to detect intrusion into a space (perhaps a 20m radius). My primary restriction is that the packaged device would have to be in a cylinder with a maximum diameter of about 3 inches and about 6 inches tall. I see that the chips+salsa boards use two antennas that are separated in the X-Y plane. Would it be possible to stack them in the Z plane? I'm not sure what that would do to the antenna pattern but I'm primarily interested in detecting movement in the X-Y plane. Is the pattern of the antennas on the demo boards approximately uniform in that plane?
  2. Olav Liseth

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    Hi Dustin,

    I'm not quite sure how you want to stack them, but placing one behind the other is not a good idea. A 3x6 inches cylinder will probably require a custom design.
    Check out the sinuous antenna data sheet in the Chips+Salsa documentation suite: https://www.xethru.com/community/resources/documentation-suite.43/

    FCC allows outdoor hand-held devices, but static installations are restricted. From FCC 02-48, page 4:

    "Surveillance Systems: Although technically these devices are not imaging systems, for regulatory purposes they will be treated in the same way as through-wall imaging systems used by police, fire and rescue organizations and will be permitted to operate in the frequency band 1.99-10.6 GHz. Surveillance systems operate as “security fences” by establishing a stationary RF perimeter field and detecting the intrusion of persons or objects in that field. Operation is limited to law enforcement, fire and rescue organizations, to public utilities and to industrial entities."

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    Stacking the sinuous antennas in the Z direction would obscure the view of the bottom antenna, rendering that antenna mostly useless. However, if you are talking about rotating the Dev. Kit 90 degrees in the Z-X plane (placing the long dimension vertically), this would provide a decent field-of-view while fitting within your 3x6 cylindrical form-factor.

    Also, we have other antenna options for the Salsa Ancho (X2) that might fit within your constraints. They could be pointed down, out of the cylinder to monitor the space below, if this is your desired setup?