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    BANXIANLIU New Member

    Hi, I just reveived your X2 chip and start to design a radar system based on it.

    Do you have any accessible Initaled library of X2 chip?(I try to make the PCB project in Altium Designer) or I must create the library based on X2 datasheet ?
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    Hi Banxianliu,

    We do not provide a full library, but you will find the X2 symbol and footprint attached.

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    BANXIANLIU New Member

    Hi, Olav

    Thank you! I will try this as soon as possible.
    By the way, I have designed the power management unit myself, which is based on TPS563200 from TI. whether the power supply of X2 has special requirements?
  4. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    How to implement power regulators and power domains for X2

    Power domains

    See also the X2 data sheet.
      Power domain   Voltage   Related X2 Pin   Current drain   Transients                    Comment                  
    -------------- --------- ---------------- --------------- ------------ --------------------------------------------
      VDDA25_DAC     2.5V      1                Low             Slow         DAC reference current                      
                               3                Medium          Slow         DAC power supply                          
      VDDA_HSC       1.2V      4, 5             High            Fast         HSC power supply                          
      VDDA_RX        1.2V      9                High            Fast         RX LNA power supply                        
      VDDD           1.2V      15, 16, 28       High            Fast         Digital core power supply                  
      VDDD25_IO      2.5V      24               Low             Medium       Digital IO post driver power supply        
      VDD_TCTRL      1.2V      25               Medium          Fast         Timing controller and sampler power supply
      VDDD_TX        1.2V      32               Low             Medium       Transmitter power supply                  
    All GND pins for all power domains should be connected to a common GND.
    Use a large dedicated copper plane as GND reference.
    Use wide copper traces or copper areas for power domains with high current drain or fast transients.


    All regulators should be low noise linear regulators. It is strongly recommended to use a dedicated LDO for each power domain.
    By using a combination of switch mode regulator and LDO (low dropout regulators) power consumption can be minimized.

    • Power from USB (5V) -> Switch mode regulator (2.8V) -> LDO (2.5V)
    • Power from USB (5V) -> Switch mode regulator (1.8V) -> LDO (1.2V)

    Each power domains should be decoupled by a combination of low and high value capacitors. The lowest valued capacitor should be placed as near as possible to the related power pins.
    Capacitors should have low ESR.

    • 1 x 1µF 0402 X5R
    • 1 x 10nF 0402 X7R
    • 2 x 100pF 0402 NP0
    The VDDD power domain should have additional high value capacitors.

    • 1 x 4.7µF 0402 X5R
    • 1 x 22µF 0603 X5R