Windows 10 SalsaLab v1.46 Issue/Fix

Discussion in 'Chips+Salsa' started by Aaron Fonseca, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Aaron Fonseca

    Aaron Fonseca New Member

    Hey everyone,

    New to the forum.
    I kept running into issues getting the demos for SalsaLab to run.
    The issue was that the path to putty contained a space:
    C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\MathWorks\MATLAB Add-Ons\Toolboxes\SalsaLab\putty\putty.exe
    This worked fine for system calls where the path was enclosed in quotes, but caused an issue when the quotes where not present, eg. when killing the matlabconnector on the BB (the output is piped to echo, see StartServer(obj, updateConnector_i) in radarWrapper.m)
    I fixed this by adding the following code to the radarWrapper class constructor

    systemType = computer;
    if (strcmp(systemType,'PCWIN64') || strcmp(systemType,'PCWIN'))
        fs = actxserver('Scripting.FileSystemObject');
        obj.dirpath = fs.GetFolder(...
    This code simply takes the shortened filepath to the SalsaLab directory if on a Windows machine. Hopefully this doesn't break/(still works) for other versions of windows.

    Is the Chips+Salsa library on github or have some sort of source control to submit issues like these to?
  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for your report and the solution!
    The Salsa development kit(based on X2 chip) comes from our partner Flatearth, you can find their connect info from this page: