Why xethru returns data without end byte?

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  1. YuriiKulyk

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    I have some questions about xetthru work
    1. Why some messages came without end byte?
    for example
    here message has start byte 7d but hasn't end byte, just 3f
    2. Is there any way to connect to device remotely (like to server)?
    3. Is there any way to identify device or set static IP for it?
    4. I have tried to decode byte code with end byte and got this result
    {'counter': 2268206, 'state_code': 1, 'RespirationsPerMinute': 0.0, 'distance': 0.4778558313846588, 'SignalQuality': 8, 'MovementSlow': 81.95458221435547, 'MovementFast': 29.5238094329834}
    does it look like correct data?
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