Why isn't the distance range and resolution changing on the x4m03 as you change prf_div?

Discussion in 'Module Connector (MC)' started by Parthipan Siva, Dec 20, 2019.

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    On the X4M03 I am setting the prf_div to 16 and 32. After, setting the prf div, when I get the prf div from the device the value is 16 and 32 based on what I set. However, the data I am receiving from the radar doesn't make sense.

    My settings 1:
    prf_div 16
    iterations 64
    pulse_per_step 7
    dac_max 1100
    dac_min 949
    fps 100
    frame area offset 0.18
    frame area lower -0.5
    frame area upper 10

    Assuming DutyCyle of 0.95 (I couldn't figure out how to get this value from the device). I should have:
    PRF 1.52e7
    Range 9.88
    max fps 228
    range resolution should be about 988/188 = 5.25cm

    My settings 2:
    same as settings 1 but prf div is 32
    frame area upper 20

    Here I should have
    PRF 7.59e6
    Range 19.8
    Max fps 114
    range resolution should be about 1980/188 = 10.5 cm

    However for both prf div 16 and 32 my distance range and resolution seems to be the same. What am I missing? Should I be changing something else to increase my range to the ~20m?