What is the best solution to use multiple X4M200?

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    We are planning to make an arrayed UWB system with multiple X4M200 or X4M03 sensors.
    The number of sensors may be 10~12.
    We think it is possible to connect UWB radars via USB hub (3.0).
    We need to control and save waveform by Python (desktop).

    Do you have any recommendation for using multiple X4 series?

    1. Which is better to use X4M200 vs. X4M03 as a multiple UWB system? Why?

    2. Instead of USB hub, what is the alternative or better approach to control the multiple UWB sensors?


    Hi Hogeon,
    XeThru X4M200 is designed as a respiration turnkey sensor, and X4M03 is a development kit. These are two different purposes devices.
    If you want to design an UWB array system, may be you should buy X4 SoC and design all things from scratch (amplifiers, antennas, PCB, wirings, algorithms, etc...)
    Controlling multiple UWB sensors means synchronization, but serial communication (USB) with XeThru modules is not synced.
    It is impossible to bulid a working UWB array radar system, if you cannot control antennas beam direction and radiation pattern.

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