What is presence profile?

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  1. Wojciech Szczurek

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    I can't find good explanation what "presence profile" is. I am attempting to run "presence_single_output" sample with X4M03 Radar Development Kit. The error I got is "ERROR: load_profile_failed". According to "Low Level Protocol Documentation" page 17, that value for presence (0x014d4ab8) should be valid. Module connector version is 1.6.2.

    So, my questions are what is presence profile and why would it fail to load on X4M03?
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  2. Charlie Shao

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    Please double-check the module name which supports this profile on page17.
    X4M200/300 sensor support different kinds of application profiles.
    X4M03 is a development kit, only provides radar raw data output.
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  3. Wojciech Szczurek

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    Thanks for reply. Would it be accurate to say that profiles in this context are simply labels for some defined algorithms which exists on the chip firmware and these algorithms are customized to return answer to specific question, such as, "Hey, is anybody here?"