What is meant by MovementSlow and MovementFast in Xethru X4M200 circuit ?

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    In the white paper it is mentioned something like this,

    " In all states except Initializing and Error states, the following data is measured:
    MovementSlow: Movements for the previous 15 seconds
    MovementFast: Movements for the previous 6 seconds

    The movement metrics (MovementSlow and MovementFast) show the degree of movement as a
    relative number from 0 to 100 both for 5.14 cm intervals in the Detection Zone and for the entire
    Detection Zone. 0 means no Doppler cells above the detection threshold, while 100 means that all
    Doppler cells in the range interval are above the detection threshold. "

    Can you please let me know what this means exactly?What is exactly shown in the Xethru interface under the movement graph?
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    Hi Oshana,

    My understanding is that Movement Fast / Slow is the number of seconds it use for the Doppler algorithms. For Fast, it use previous 6 seconds data for the Fast Pulse-Doppler algorithms. For Slow, it use previous 15 or 20 seconds (depending on which Respiration profile) for Slow Pulse- Doppler algorithms.

    There are 4 Respiration profile, in X4M200 Datasheet chapter 4.1 Overview.

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    Thank you soo much !