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    Hi and welcome to XeThru community! Here's an introduction to tools, resources, and documentation.

    XeThru Explorer(XE)
    is the fastest and easiest way to get your module up and running. XeThru explorer visualizes the data streamed from XeThru modules. It is also possible to record and playback data from the modules. - Download

    Module Connector(MC) is a software package for communication with XeThru sensors and includes a complete API of the sensor modules in MATLAB, Python and C++ programming environments. Module Connector supports Win, RPI, Linux, and Mac - Download

    Module Communication Protocol Wrapper(MCPW) provides a similar interface to Module Connector. It is open source and used for embedded host applications. - Download

    XeThru Embedded Platform(XEP) is an open source radar development platform for XeThru development kit. - Download


    X4M200 respiration sensor can reliably and safely monitor a person's breathing pattern and respiration rate without being in direct contact. - Datasheet - Application note - Order

    X4M300 presence sensor provides accurate and robust presence sensing, as well as distance and movement tracking. - Datasheet - Application note - Order

    X4M03 Radar Development Kit provides a reference platform to debug and develop solutions for our customers that want to create their own radar product. - Datasheet - Demo - Order

    X4 is an Impulse Radar Transceiver System on Chip (SoC) used by all X4 modules. - Datasheet

    Application Notes
    Check out the application notes section for more information on specific topics. Here are some of the popular ones:

    Try the forum search function and don't hesitate to use the forum for questions, ideas, examples, and feedback!
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    Hi Charlie,
    This is a very good idea as it gives an overview on all xethru's products and ressources.