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  1. Ryan Kevinsson

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    Hi everyone. Walabot aka vayyar has uwb array boards...

    some promising use case advantages in sdk and api.

    but i notice it doesnt do heart rate.... are they not using IR-UWB? Is the resolution lower... but with advantage of an array to give 3d XYZ positioning....?

    What kind of array with XETHRU would be comparable in theory? Would XYZ positioning be possible with breath and heart with 2,3,4... or how many xethru array?

    Theoretically, speaking of course - I know xethru does not sell an out of box solution like this - just interesting to compare.


  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Ryan,

    I am not familiar with walabot, also did not find detail about vayyar radar chip, so let me just comment on XeThru according to my experience.

    Accroding to the datasheet, XeThru X4 only have one couple of TX and RX, so X4 based XeThru modules are currently only one-dimension radars. For breath and heart detection, one demission is enough. The critical part is radar signal SNR, so you can get good enough radar raw data for further DSP algorithms. The listed two IEEE papers introduced how X4 achieves the best ever SNR under world-wide UWB regulations. X4 also supports beamforming usage for 2D applications by synchronizing several X4 chips. Novelda currently no specific solution for 3D positioning.