Using X4M03 with long USB-2 active cables

Discussion in 'X4M03' started by Timofey Savelyev, May 9, 2018.

  1. Timofey Savelyev

    Timofey Savelyev New Member

    Dear experts,

    I encountered a problem trying to connect X4M03 with a long USB-2 active cable.
    The sensor works perfectly via a common passive cable (<=5 m) but it fails when
    I add an active cable to have more length. I tried several combinations of "short passive + long active"
    using different 10 m and 30 m long USB repeaters but nothing worked out. As this is important
    for the field trials could you suggest a solution? Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards,
    Timofey Savelyev
  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Timofey,
    For you problem, please follow the below points:
    1. Check if the active cable works with other usb devices.
    2. I checked online and found some people have same complaints. Try to get hints from them. Key words: "active usb cable no work"
    3. If the active cable does not work, there could be other wireless solution for radar data transmission. I do not know if you have connected It is better to chat with XeThru sales team and let us know more about your projects so we can give you some useful suggestions.
  3. Timofey Savelyev

    Timofey Savelyev New Member

    Hi Charlie,
    usually simpler solutions come first so I was hoping for an answer like "we tried an active cable in our lab and that works just fine when you change a COM port or another setting to...". In fact I used the same cables with other sensors in our platform without any problem, and I have certainly looked through your forum before raising this issue. Thanks for the hint on your wireless add-on...
  4. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Timofey,
    Thanks for your trust, believe me, we are pushing very hard to help you solve your problem.
    As you expected, we tried an active cable in our lab and that works just fine. Here is the link for the cable we tested:

    I did some research on active USB cable, it seems not a reliable solution. I just wonder did the computer recognize your module? like "Bossa Program Port(COM9)", this is a sign of connection build. USB ports at Laptop and PC may provide different power load capability. PC is suggested. I saw that some people add power hub to make sure it works well even they are using active cable. The quality of USB cable will also bring affection. I know that you had tried different cables, but please make sure they have good quality. The radar sensor module may have bigger power load and data throughput than other sensors, this would bring challenges to extension USB connection. Please try to check the above suggestions. Let's keep discussion in this thread if you have some new discoveries or questions.
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  5. Timofey Savelyev

    Timofey Savelyev New Member

    Hi Charlie,

    thanks again for your confirmation above. Now let me clarify the possibility to run two or three X4M03 modules on the same PC. Let's consider a simple scenario: three modules controlled from three MATLAB sessions running in parallel... I suppose it should be feasible by assigning a separate COM port to each module. Regarding the radar measurement, I am thinking of a simple non-coherent mulit-static configuration.