There was a problem running x4_pulsedoppler. Py

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    Now we have a little trouble and hope to get your help.
    We successfully use Pythonmoduleconnector to run xep_rangeDoppler. Py.However,x4_pulsedoppler. Py can't run. Can run on X4M03? What should we do to run it?
    The attachment is the code for x4_pulsedoppler. Py (we made a little change) and the error output.
    By the way, we want to know the format of the X4M03 output data (datasheet), but we don't seem to find it on the official website.Would you send the link to us.
    Thank you!

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  2. Charlie Shao

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    Hi aspenstars,

    Sorry for confusing. only support X4M200 and X4M300. X4M03 just have basic XEP, which only support raw radar data (RF or baseband data) output, further DSP need be implemented by the developer. We will add descriptions of supported modules to examples. Thanks for your feedback.