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    I am exploring X4M03 firmware programming capability. I am following "XeThru Module Firmware Programming" steps. I connected SEGGER J-Link Mini and started "Atmel Studio 7". Under the "Device Programming" window I selected tool and proper device. The problem I am having is that connection test fails. Do I have to first erase MCU in order to test the connection as described in section 2.1?
    Connection fail image error message: https://ibb.co/bdbrVfQ

    Also, I am not understanding why the instructions want me to first program "xep_x4m0x_s70_with_bldr.hex" and then using python tools to upload new firmware. Can't I simply select my new firmware from "Memories" in "Device Programming" window and program it?

    One more question, we got X4M03 rev 5, is the factory firmware available to download? In case I would like to restore factory firmware. I assume it might be "xtXEP_binary-3.4.7\bin\xep_x4m0x_s70.hex" or "xtXEP_binary-3.4.7\bin\xep_x4m0x_s70_with_bldr.hex" or xtXEP_binary-3.4.7\bin\xep_x4m0x_s70_4bl.hex"
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    Hi Wojciech,

    For X4M03 firmware, I normally use Atmel-ICE for the programming. Is there any chance you can find Atmel-ICE to try?

    The extra procedure is for OpenBootloader. Simply select new firmware from "Memories" in "Device Programming" window will work.

    The latest firmware can be found in:

    if you need to restore factory firmware, please use "xtXEP_binary-3.4.7\bin\xep_x4m0x_s70_with_bldr.hex" with the extra procedure.

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