Tempermental Respiration Tracking Problems

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    Good day,

    We are using the X4M200 chip, and we are not getting the information that we would like.
    1. We find that when respiration is being tracked, the signal is flatlined for more than 40-50% of the time. The signal quality is at least 7 or 8 during respiration tracking.
    2. Another issue we are facing is getting into respiration tracking, it takes 3-5 minutes of regular breathing to get respiration to track while the video resource for tracking respiration takes less than 1 minute to tracking breathing
    3. Lastly, the video resource shows consistent tracks breathing for 2.5 minutes. Our data transitions in and out of respiration tracking; approximately 30-second intervals.
    4. All this data was taken with a patient laying on their back, breathing at a normal rate, with the respiration_2 profile for adults. The Figures below show simulated apnea events.
    I've attached figures so that you can look at our information. I'd like to set up a call to chat about what is going wrong (what we are doing wrong and other possibilities). Please email me at tori[at]zenneatech.com to schedule a call.

    Figure 1. Respiration pattern for detecting simulated sleep apnea events.
    Figure 3 - Respiration Movemvent.png

    Figure 2. Zoomed in on a simulated sleep apnea event Figure 3 - Respiration Movemvent Zoomed.png
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    Hi Tori,
    You can send email to support@xethru.com to request a meeting.
    Not sure if you have referred to this app note. It provides a guide on how to set up a sleep recording based on X4M200. You can get better performance by following this guide.