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    Dear Novelda Team,

    I recently got a X2M200 sensor module and now doing my first steps trying to understand the psyche of the module :) First o fall thank you very much for the product. I have a short questions concerning the different "states" reading the *.cvs sheets. Reading the manual I can´t find a hint how to relate the numbers (0-6) shown in the *.cvs document to the specifications like "movement", "initializing"... If I´m not wrong, "0" means breathing?...
    Thank you for a short feedback.
    All the best
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    Hi Jan,
    You'll find everything you need in the Serial Protocol document. https://www.xethru.com/community/resources/xethru-serial-protocol.14/

    StateCode values:
    StateCode Value Description
    XTS_VAL_RESP_STATE_BREATHING 0 Valid RPM detected Current RPM value
    XTS_VAL_RESP_STATE_MOVEMENT 1 Detects motion, but can not identify breath
    XTS_VAL_RESP_STATE_MOVEMENT_TRACKING 2 Detects motion, possible breathing
    XTS_VAL_RESP_STATE_NO_MOVEMENT 3 No movement detected
    XTS_VAL_RESP_STATE_INITIALIZING 4 No movement detected
    Reserved 5
    XTS_VAL_RESP_STATE_UNKNOWN 6 Undefined state.​