Set output_control on BASEBAND_AMPLITUDE_PHASE

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    I'm trying to read BASEBAND_AMPLITUDE_PHASE data from X4M210, and I successed when I set output_control on XTS_ID_RESP_STATUS(0x2375fe26) and XTS_ID_SLEEP_STATUS(0x2375a16c) and received the correct data, but I failed to set the XTS_ID_BASEBAND_AMPLITUDE_PHASE(0x0000000d) and I received "No response from radar " or "Error in response from radar " or "Did not receive ACK!" from X4M210(I'm using the arduino demo here but I changed aruduino with STM32, and I print the response from X4M210 through UART to the PC).
    So I need your help to find out the reason.I'm sure the structure of command is right(according to the XethruMCP):
    Send: <Start> + <XTS_SPC_OUTPUT> + <XTS_SPCO_SETCONTROL> + [Output_feature(i)] +[Output_control(i)] + <CRC> + <End>
    Example: 0x7D 0x41 0x10 0x0d 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x01 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x20 0x7E (Enable XTS_ID_BASEBAND_AMPLITUDE_PHASE as output)
    But I noticed that the XethruMCP said "Disabled after reset" on the comments, does that mean that I cant reset the module if I want to set output_control on BASEBAND_AMPLITUDE_PHASE? but if I cant reset the module, how could I load the profile?
    Thanks a lot!!!
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    here it says disabled after reset