Ancho Kit (X2) Salsa Ancho Development Kit for XeThru X2 apply for short range SAR imaging

Discussion in 'Chips+Salsa' started by neo nguyen, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Hello everybody,

    I am Neo and I am a new member of XeThru communication. I am working in a lab in Korea and my lab research area is short-range Synthetic Aperture Radar imaging. I am studying to achieve an image with 0.5-2mm of resolution. I have a plan to use Salsa Ancho Development Kit for XeThru X2 to build my system. I read the XeThru X2 specification and it has accuracy at ~1mm. But theoretically, it's bandwidth is not enough to do this.
    So I would like to ask that could I get the SAR image with resolution in mm with Salsa development Kit for XeThru X2?

    Thank you in advance.