respiration rate monitoring of a moving/walking person !!

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  1. Hi...I am considering of getting a Xethru radar dev. kit, and have a question:

    while monitoring respiration rate of a person, if the person moves/walks or some random body movements, will your radar(fixed position, non-moving) still be able to detect respiration rate? how will it affect accuracy of respiration rate? In the videos on your site, when monitoring respiration, the person stays still, almost no movement, so was wondering that in a real environment where subjects can/will have movement (at least some movement -say slowly walking) how will the radar (fixed at a position) would perform.
    your comments and suggestions would be immensely helpful.

    - Abhi
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    We have been working on this for the last 20 years - one way or another. It cannot be done reliably.
  3. Thanks for your further question though -
    When you say reliably, do you mean it is still possible to detect roughly if there is someone breathing/ respirating, although not very accurate, when movements are tiny? i don't need very accurate estimate, just need some sign to localize it.
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  5. Thanks for you reply...this is quite clear now...very informative document