Regarding tracking multiple object position

Discussion in 'Presence Sensor' started by Seunghyun Bae, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Seunghyun Bae

    Seunghyun Bae New Member

    Dear XETHRU,
    We would like to make proceed with a project which requires us to track multiple audiences within a space, simultaneously. It does not have to present very specific location.
    So... is the X4M300 available to track multiple moving objects' location in 2D? (i.e. Within a room)
    or, for the better resolution, would it be recommended to combine multiple sensors to calculate the objects?

    Thank you.
  2. Spiderixius

    Spiderixius New Member

    Hello, sorry if I am too late. It is possible as we have just achieved that. However currently we are trying to figure out how we can track the presence of two people that are standing the same distance to the sensor.

    The way we did was to take the data of fast movement items and simply detect the peaks depending on some threshold. As mentioned the current problem is to detect people that are equally distant to the sensor.

    Edit*: I should add that we are using a X4M300 and we are only using a single unit. Maybe using two could provide some more precise results. it

    Edit*: We have been able to detect the presence of three persons however if any of them go to the same distance of the sensor it counts them as one.