Reading raw data from X4M02 sensor using MATLAB

Discussion in 'Module Connector (MC)' started by pmazurek, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. pmazurek

    pmazurek New Member

    is it possible to read raw data frames from X4M02 sensor using MATLAB?

    Unfortunately, none of the examples, that can be found on, addresses this issue directly. I was trying to use the XEP_X4_plot_frame.m script available in the package found on, but I get the following error, when I try to initialize the radar:

    Error using ModuleConnector.RadarInterface/xep_x4driver_init (line 371)
    Call returns status=1
    Error in ModuleConnector.XEP/x4driver_init (line 193)
    status = this.radarInterface.xep_x4driver_init(this.x2_instance );
    Error in BasicRadarClassX4/init (line 99)
    Error in XEP_X4_plot_frame (line 51)

    I will be grateful for any help.

    With best regards,
  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Did you try xt_modules_plot_record_playback_radar_raw_data_message.m from github repo?
  3. pmazurek

    pmazurek New Member

    Dear Charlie,
    thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, when I try to run the mentioned script, I get the following error:

    Error using ModuleConnector.RadarInterface/ping (line 256)
    ping --1
    Error in ModuleConnector.XEP/ping (line 109)
    pongvalue = this.x2_instance );
    Error in disp_module_info (line 33)
    pong =;
    Error in xt_modules_plot_record_playback_radar_raw_data_message (line 77)

    By the way, I also have an X4M03 module, and while the script XEP_X4_plot_frame.m works perfectly for this module, I get the following error when I try to run the other one (i.e. xt_modules_plot_(...).m):

    Error using ModuleConnector.RadarInterface/xep_x4driver_get_downconversion (line 361)
    Call returns status=1
    Error in ModuleConnector.XEP/x4driver_get_downconversion (line 171)
    status = this.radarInterface.xep_x4driver_get_downconversion(this.x2_instance, itPtr );
    Error in disp_x4_settings (line 21)
    [downconversion, status] = xep.x4driver_get_downconversion;
    Error in xt_modules_plot_record_playback_radar_raw_data_message (line 131)
    Do you (or anyone else reading this thread) have any other ideas regarding the use of the X4M02 module in MATLAB?