Raspberry Pi 4 support

Discussion in 'Module Connector (MC)' started by John Gwinner, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. John Gwinner

    John Gwinner New Member

    Is the Pi 4 supported?

    == John ==
  2. John Gwinner

    John Gwinner New Member

    More details:

    The O/S version is "Buster" for the Pi 4 and unfortunately, we're also using that for our Pi 3's. I can't get them to work either.

    Might be something basic I'm doing, but I've tried to go through all the trouble shooting guides. The devices don't even show up.

    Here's the O/S version info:

    PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)"
    NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux"
    VERSION="10 (buster)"
    and the kernel:

    Linux caremon5 4.19.58-v7l+ #1245 SMP Fri Jul 12 17:31:45 BST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux
    This is really vital for our prototype and future purchases. We need to know if this will work (because it's not) and the last message I posted had no replies even after a week.

    Can anyone help?

    == John ==
  3. Allen Wu

    Allen Wu Moderator Staff Member

    Hi John,

    For Raspberry Pi, Debian Buster is not supported at the moment, please consider to use Debian Stretch with python 2.7 or 3.5.

    Best Regards,
  4. John Gwinner

    John Gwinner New Member

    Pardon me for being blunt, but that's ridiculous. The Pi 4 requires Debian Buster.

    So the Pi 4 is not supported. Our commercial product for various reasons needs USB3, so I guess that means that we can't use the Xethru hardware?

    Good to know. Who else do you recommend, maybe Walabot?

    == John ==
  5. Allen Wu

    Allen Wu Moderator Staff Member

    Hi John,

    I’ve test with XeThru Module Connector with Debian Buster and Raspberry Pi 2 (This is the Pi version I have right now). The following procedure can get our module connector works. For example, “X4M200_X4M300_printout_infromation.py” can successfully print out module information. However, it is the “numpy” and “matplotlib” package does not work for unknown reason.

    1. Update system and install python3.5
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install python3.5
    sudo apt-get install libpython3.5
    sudo apt-get install libboost-filesystem1.62.0
    sudo apt-get install python3-pip

    2. Change pip3 default to python3.5:
    sudo nano /usr/bin/pip3


    3. Install relied library as necessary
    sudo pip3 install pyserial
    sudo pip3 install numpy
    sudo pip3 install configobj
    sudo pip3 install matplotlib

    4. Install ModuleConnector for raspberry pi: https://www.xethru.com/community/resources/module-connector-raspberry-pi.81/

    cd ModuleConnector/python35-arm-linux-gnueabihf/
    sudo python3.5 setup.py install

  6. John Gwinner

    John Gwinner New Member

    Wow, thank you!!!

    I will try this.

    I also found out what my problem was ... the USB cable I was using was TOO LONG. I'll make a separate post about it. The cable is within spec (I checked, electrically), so either the two Pi's are off a little or the Xethru needs a scunch more power than spec. Doesn't really matter, as long as it works, but we'll have to figure a USB hub or something.

    == John ==