Range (in single presence mode) useless?

Discussion in 'Presence Sensor' started by clifford olmstead, Apr 26, 2018.

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    It seems like no matter what I set the detection zone to my sensors detect a person . I can set the detection range at 6-8 m and if anything moves even 0.5m or 1m away it says it saw presence at 6m.... This functionality is repeatable with any detection zone and any movement not in the zone (or at least less then the minimum distance).

    I understand there are reflections but this makes me skeptical that the distance can ever be trusted. (At least using the built in presence detector which is why I bought it). Anyone have any different experience with this?


  2. Hi Cliff,
    I have had the same problem demonstrating the presence sensor (X4M300) to my customer. If the sensor initialized with a zone setting (D2 - D1), at the start, it will work fine (no detection).
    If there is any movement between the sensor and D1, the object is detected, the minimum setting distance is displayed (not the distance from the sensor to the object !) and the detection is memorized for ever, even if the object between the sensor and the distance D1 is removed.

    Chouaibou NSANGOU.
  3. Charlie Shao

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    I read the X4M300 datasheet and found the following description:
    This is a drawback of radar technology, the solution might be putting the sensor close to target detection zone and avoiding a long offset.
  4. Hi Charlie,
    I understand that very well. It explains why I didn't post any thread about this drawback. I explained it to my customer and he understood me.