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  1. ZLH_S

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    Friends of the XeThru community, I have a few questions about XeThru Explorer and I hope to get an answer.
    1.How does XeThru Explorer update FW?
    2.What is the meaning of ‘HISTORY’ in the ‘UI SETTINGS’ column in the XeThru Explorer configuration interface?
    3.What does 'include baseband I/Q OUTPUT' mean?
    I software version:XeThru Explorer for Linux 2.6.0
  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi ZLH_S,
    1. XeThru Explorer released with sensor FW, when you plugin in XeThru sensor, XE will check the FW version of the sensor, if their version numbers are different, XeThru Explorer will update its FW to sensor.
    2. It means the time window of plots. For example, 120s means the time windows show 120s plots of data.
    3. It means if you enable data recording, this baseband data will be recorded.
  3. ZLH_S

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    Hi Charlie Shao
    OK, thank you for your answer.
    best regard