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  1. Anwar Elhadad

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    what is the pulse emission rate (sampling frequency) for X4M200? How fast is it transimitting frequesncy? can this be tempered with?. from previous results it seems that its about 3 HZ to me. but i want to make sure.
  2. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Anwar,
    Your questions are very good, but I think you mix some concepts together.
    Please check X4 datasheet for the following concepts:
    1. Sampling rate
    2. PRF: Pulse Repetition Frequency
    3. TX center frequency
    4. FPS
    5. frame rate
    X4 user guide provide introduction on how to use the above parameters. I believe it will help you to understand them better:

    X4M200 hase frame rate 17FPS for baseband data message, the appliciation level messages are output per second.

    Feel free to follow if you have anything unclear.
  3. Anwar Elhadad

    Anwar Elhadad Member

    1. Sampling rate --> 23 GS/s
    2. PRF: Pulse Repetition Frequency --> I think in [ us ]
    3. TX center frequency--> about 8GHz
    4. FPS ---> In the python code it is set to 10FPS, but when I recorded it with a timer, I was only getting 4 frames per second
    5. frame rate --> I found an equation, but not a fixed value.
      Am I wrong? how many of those parameters can be modified from the code?
      note: I am using XEP_X4M200_X4M300_plot_record_playback_radar_raw_data.py. @Charlie Shao
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