Profile is resetting if I run XEP_config_and_run.cpp

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  1. Chandni Aghera

    Chandni Aghera New Member

    Profile is resetting if I am sending configuration setting command over UART.

    How to configure and save the profile using UART???
  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Chandni,
    Do you mean it works on USB but not UART? I also wonder how you define the profile when you run this example on X4driver level.
    According to XeThru Module Communication Protocol, XeThru sensors can run at two level, X4driver level and Application level. When sensor is running on X4driver level, there are no profiles enabled. I also want to remind you that the sensor will enter application level as default at reset, so it will not output radar raw data if you connect with UART without any configuration, it will output the message you have enabled on the Application level.
  3. Chandni Aghera

    Chandni Aghera New Member

    Hi Charlie,
    thanks for the information, i checked as mentioned above.
    please find the questions required more clarification. to configure the parameters like sensitivity,detection zone,noise map,LED?
    2.what is the c++ code for above requirement?. to differentiate the frames for presence and no presence?.
    4.procedure for UART command control?
  4. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Chandni,
    For you questions please read the XeThru Module Communication Protocol document, the functions to configure sensitivity,detection zone,noise map,LED have been implemented at Module Connector, please find them at ModuleConnector-win32_win64-1.4.3/doc/html/index.xhtml.
  5. Chandni Aghera

    Chandni Aghera New Member

    Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for the previous reply, it helps me.
    I have one more question,
    I am using X4M300 xethru board and one relay is connected with output pin(Pin no. 11 of 16 pin connector),
    I am getting some false detection, so I talk with our Hardware team related to this. As per Hardware people there is some interference due to ralay.
    How to reduce this interference???
  6. Hi Chandni Aghera,
    I would like to give you some inputs :

    1 - You can use a LED only as your sensor's output pin load without any relay connected. This test will help you know if your relay is the source of interferences or not. At the same time, you will be able to perform detection test and see the light status of the LED accordingly.
    See this post for more information about IO voltage levels :

    2 - The coil of the relay is highly inductive and it is highly recommended to use a dedicated MOSFET (with built in flywheel diode) as a buffer for more security and robustness of your system.

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  7. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Chandni,
    If you test this module with a multimeter, it should output 3V when there is no presence.
    This is the internal structure of IO pin output at Atmel MCU. When you connect with LED there will be a big drop since pull-up resistor is 100Koms.

    Could this interference caused by week pull-up? you may need to add extra driver circuit between this pin and relay.
  8. Chandni Aghera

    Chandni Aghera New Member

    Hi Nsangou,
    The relay part no.we are using is YL303H-S-5VDC-12
  9. Chandni Aghera

    Chandni Aghera New Member

    Hi Charlie,
    I already added driver circuit and also checked without relay board its working well without relay board but when relay board is near to the xethru board getting false detection.
    Can you suggest me any interference material or any method to remove this interference???
  10. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Chandni,
    Do you mean the sensor also reports fault presence detection, not just relay output?
    As you may know, the relay contains mechanical part, I guess that the relay is inside detection zone in your setup. Try to move relay out of detection zone.
  11. Hi Chandni,
    After performing presence detection tests with the relay connected at output pin(Pin no. 11) of X4M300 presence sensor module, I was able detect the relay's contact movement without any presence at all.
    There is no RF (radio frequency) interferences generated by the relay. The sensor is just very very sensitive and accurate, it is able to detect the relay's contact movement and trigger the presence state. This is a normal detection behaviour of the xethru sensor.

    Here are some solutions to your problem :

    1 - Move the relay activated by the presence sensor's output pin far away from the sensor's detection zone as recommended by Charlie.

    2 - If it is mandatory for your relay to be installed next to the sensor, please use solid state relay to drive your load as it has no moving parts.

    P.S : For the false detection in your case, it is due to the fact that your relay's contact movement is retriggering presence state during the presence detection timer flow, before the end of the presence state or just after the end of presence detection timer flow, thus leaving no room for a stable no presence state (please see attached file ).


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