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Discussion in 'X4M03' started by Roman, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Hello, currently I have your X4M03 and X4M06 kits.
    The problem is that I don't see any of them under device manager -> COM Ports.
    Am I doing something wrong? I apologize in advance for maybe duplicate newbie questions, but I haven't found any good "getting started" guide, so I'll post my questions here:
    1. Am I correct that Xethru Explorer WILL NOT recognize those kits?
    2. Shall I see any of them under device manager -> COM Ports?
    3. I tried clean Win 10 Pro installation (with all updates and drivers, that windows prompted during and after install ) - no devices are found. Shall I install BOSSA driver (because readme says, that it's not needed under Win10)?
    4. Let's imagine that it works. What are my further steps? I prefer MATLAB (on x64 Windows 10 Machine) and C++ (preferably under Raspberry PI, qt5). Not familiar with Python to any level of skill.
    5. Also, as far as I understand, Xethru Explorer is written using qt. Are there any qt wrappers for Module Connector?
    6. Is only Raspbian Jessie supported? What about Stretch?
    7. Any good guidelines for interfacing kit directly over SPI, if that is even possible? Will it give me more fps?